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We know that Geography is much more than simply knowing about places on a map.

Geography helps children to not only understand the awe-inspiring enormity and power of nature, such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tsunamis, but also the human impact of these events too. It challenges children with real-world issues that are local and relatable to them as well as global. The subject highlights the importance of communication and information sharing, in addition to providing children with practical, useful, field-work skills.

 Most significantly, our children live in a time when looking after our planet is more important than ever, children's learning in Geography gives them the knowledge and tools needed as they grow up and become citizens of the world.

Our program for Geography meets the requirements of the National Curriculum for Geography and includes Geography's three key pedagogies: 

  • Fieldwork 
  • Mapping or Cartography 
  • Learning about how people impact the environment and environmental processes, and how these processes in turn, impact people. 

 The learning sequence in Geography: