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Our Classes

We are Send Church of England Primary School. 

Look at our badge, what do you see? 


At the top of the school badge is a cross.

It is a bit like a compass. Jesus is showing us the way to go. 


In the middle of the badge we see a tree with 3 branches that look a bit like people. 

It reminds us of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

It reminds us of the links between our school, our families and our churches. 

It reminds us of the three stages of Primary Education; the EYFS, KS1 and KS2. 

It reminds us of the history of our school; Send CofE Infant School and St Bede's Junior School combining to create
Send CofE Primary School.


The tree is growing from a book.

It reminds us that we are all in the business of helping children to learn and grow in knowledge. 


The edges of our badge are decorated with acorns. 

Our youngest children are in Acorn Class.

Our hope for the children at our school is that they will be like 'the mighty oaks from tiny acorns grown'.


We are proud of our badge.

We are proud of our school.