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International Work

International School Award 2020-2023International School Award - Kingsmoor Academy

We have been re accredited for 'outstanding development of the international dimension in the curriculum' and received an International School Award certificate and letter. 

‘’Pay it forward 2’’- eTwinning project

This year we will take part in the eTwinning climate challenge, which encourages pupils to build on their climate change learning by taking positive action through the completion of up to 20 challenges. The challenges increase in difficulty as pupils progress.

Ghana exchange

We are working on our Connecting Classrooms Global Learning application to formalise our reciprocal relationship with La-Bawaleshie School, Accra.



‘’Be my teacher’’

Language based project that we will start in Y6 in collaboration with Mrs Marina Dona Pozo and her school from Columbia, South Carolina.

Children in Yr6 will have the opportunity to learn Spanish through interactive Spanish lessons, using Flipgrid platform.

French Pop Video Competition:

Our school is ready to enter the competition again this year, with a new and exciting French song.  

Rewriting tales and stories- eTwinning project in collaboration with Ecole Primaire Arc-en-Ciel 2, Vernon, France.

Franco- chanson – eTwinning project in collaboration with Liceul Tehnologic Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Panciu, Romania

International Ambassadors projects – in collaboration with St Denis Primary School, Scotland. 


At the beginning of the academic year, we created a whole year project based on acts of kindness - ‘’Pay it forward’’. The film with the same name inspired the project: ‘’Think of an idea to change the world – and put it into action’’. Our idea was to perform as many acts of kindness as possible (environmental, school community, wider community, school present exchanges etc.)

We started ‘’the chain of kindness’’ in our school by planting trees. As part of a Woodland Trust project, which encourages schools to plant more trees for cleaner air, we obtained sponsorship for 420 trees. This meant every child in school was able to plant a tree on the school grounds and in the community, with the support of our local Parish Council. 

From September until March, we all participated in different activities at school. After March, the rest of the activities were completed remotely, with pupils and teachers involved at all levels of cooperation and communication.

We worked with partners from all across Europe, but for the first time in our case, we also involved our partner school from Accra, Ghana. Their pupils obtained a sponsorship and were able to plant 55 trees on their school grounds. They participated in acts of kindness towards their peers and raised money to buy new uniforms for some of their peers who could not afford to buy a new uniform.

The International Ambassadors in our school organised cake sales events and we raised money to buy and send books for the children from Accra.

The whole project video link:

The chain of kindness link:

The big climate fightback link:

The pupils wrote together a collaborative book called ‘’How kindness changed the world’’. Our partners later translated the book into Spanish and Italian. Book:

Italian translation:

Spanish translation:

Pay it forward project:

We received the European Quality Label for this project.


Love your leftovers- the worlds’ best recipes (whole school project) this project was rewarded with a ''Quality Label'' on the 17.04.2019

French Singing Competition Video: 

Zero Hunger Competition: 

Logo competition:


Religious celebrations around the world (Y4 project):

Teddy packs a bag and starts travelling – Y6 project started in collaboration with Garcia del Olmo School, Malaga, Spain.

Garcia del Olmo News - watch us from the minute 19. 


Teddy packs a bag and starts travelling

This academic year, we started new international projects. Year 3 enjoyed a British Council project called ‘’Teddy packs a bag and starts traveling’’ in collaboration with one of our French school partners and a school in Poland.

Our School


French School



More information about the project:

Project related links:


Intermediate International School Award 5.1.2018

Quality Label  14.05.2018

European Quality Label  22.10.2018

My International Garden - the travelling seed

In January, we started a new international project, with another 12 European countries: ‘’My International Garden- the travelling seed''. It is a long-term project (January to June/July) and it has four steps: 

January- getting to know each other

February- exchanging the seeds/ bulbs

March- planting the seeds/ bulbs and starting researches on the countries involved in this project

April- school display

May- any activity, at the school's choice, with the theme ‘’cultural heritage’’

June- The International Garden- end of the project. All the participants to work on a PPT with the project, with pictures since they have sent/ received the seeds and all the steps that followed. Alternatively, to make a video together.

Challenge: to create a magazine.




In September 2016, we had a new French school that joined our pen pal project - Ecole Emile Doucet, Tourlaville. We exchanged letters, cake recipes and Christmas carols. 

On the 18thJuly 2017, our school organised the first cross-school event in the area. The event, called ‘’Franco chanson et Franco- poésie’’ brought together pupils, teachers and parents from five primary schools in the area. The pupils performed songs, poems or short plays in French, for a whole afternoon of celebrating languages.  


In September 2015 we started a pen pal project with Ecole Etienne Chazoule, Biars sur Cère, France, in our French after school club.