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Send CofE Primary School PTFA

PTFA News 

We are delighted to announce the new committee following the AGM on Tuesday 3rd October:

Chair: Francis Hodgson 

Vice Chairs: Charlene Davis

Secretary: Kathryn Fox

Co-Treasurer: Becca Woods

Co-Treasurer: Nat Marshall

Communications: Kellie Warne and Helen Gascoigne

Silent Auctions: Helen Gascoigne

Head of Tech: Mike Woods

At a meeting on Tuesday 31 October, the new Chair of the PTFA, Frances Hodgson, was officially sworn in and the amendments to the constitution were officially passed.  Friday before half term saw the latest calendar shoot taking place, with costumes ranging from Daleks to Wardrobes!  The parents and children did such an amazing job at creating such masterpieces!  The planning for the Christmas Event began at a social meeting before half term, thank you to everyone who has shown their support so far.  Don't forget to see your Class Reps if you'd like to help out on the day, we need as many volunteers as possible.  Last but no means least, a big thank you to the previous PTFA who ran the calendar shoot and for all of their hard work over the previous couple of years. 

Your PTFA.

 PTFA Events Information

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Thank you for your ongoing support.

Any suggestions, comments, ideas please get in touch on our facebook page or email PTFA

PTFA Class Reps

Beehive: Catherine Bremford

Reception: Kellie Warne

Year 1: Nat Marshall and Amy Evans

Year 2: Carol-Anne Morton

Year 3: Ali Blackwell

Year 4: Vacant

Year 5: Polly Swayne and Emma Loosley

Year 6: Jacquie Moller-Butcher and Sarah Anning

Dates for your diary:-

Thank you all so much for your help and support

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Find us on Facebook! Our Facebook page has details of events, meetings and fundraising projects, it’s a great way to stay in touch with what’s going on. The Send Primary School PTA Facebook page is a closed group for the safety of the children, therefore if you would like to become part of the PTA Facebook group, please can you message us at stating your connection to the school and also send a join group request and we can authorise you. 

 Textile Recycling

Help to raise funds for the school (which is paid by the weight of the donations) and do your bit to reduce the 1.2 million tonnes of textiles that are sent to landfill every year.  We can accept all clothing, paired shoes (tied together), handbags, bags, ties and belts. The PTA get approximately £50 every time the bin is emptied.  It’s a win, win all round!!  The bin is located at the front of the school, by the bicycle shelter.  If you could bag all textiles before popping them in, that would be very helpful! 

The Giving Machine  

Remember! When you are buying online, you can generate a free cash donation with every purchase via There are over 1500 of the most popular stores taking part in the program making it so easy for you to make difference without it costing you a penny more than the normal purchase price of your item. We are listed as Send CofE Primary, quick code 61098.


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