SEND Church of England Primary School

School Uniform

Buying uniform

All school uniform is available from Valentino Schoolwear, 23-29 Broadway, Knaphill, GU21 2DR. Order online from or via the school office.

Reception - Year 4

Children should wear the school logo polo shirts throughout the school year.

In the summer term, boys can wear grey shorts and girls have the option of wearing a blue and white check dress.

Year 5 and 6

Children in years 5 and 6 need to wear a shirt and tie from the start of the autumn term, in September, until the end of the spring term.

School logo polo shirts can be worn in the summer term, from April to July. 

PE kit

Children are required to have their full named PE kit in school, from Monday – Friday, in a named drawstring bag.     

 Ear Piercing

Under the Surrey County Council Health and Safety regulations, children are not allowed to take part in any physical activities whilst wearing earrings. It is also against the safety regulations to cover earrings with plasters.  Staff are not allowed to remove earrings for children, so your child must be able to remove their earrings themselves.

If you are considering letting your child have their ears pierced, please arrange this for the start of the summer holiday to allow for the 6 week healing process. Small stud earrings only are permissible.