SEND Church of England Primary School

Nursery Sessions

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15 Hour Sessions

  • We currently offer children their 15 hour entitlement through the following sessions: 
Monday  8:45 -15:00
Tuesday 8:45 -15:00
Wednesday 8:45 -11:30 (excluding lunchtime)

Please note the register will be closed at 9.00am.

 NOTE: Children having 15 hours provision only do not stay for lunch on Wednesdays.

30 Hour Sessions

From September we will be continuing to offer the above 15 hours sessions, plus the 30 hours entitlement for those who qualify. 

The 30 hours entitlement will be conducted through the following sessions:

Monday  8:30 -15:00
Tuesday 8:30 -15:00
Wednesday 8:30- 15:00
Thursday 8:30 - 15:00
Friday 8:30 - 12:30 (including lunchtime) 

Additional Sessions

From September 2018, there will be the opportunity to increase the hours attended by those pupils who are registered for 15 hours only. The options available are:

  • increase attendance on Wednesday to a full day at a cost of £21 


  • increase nursery attendance to a full week for those pupils not entitled to the 30 hours free childcare places. This option will be at a cost of £99/ week.
Wednesday 11:30-15:00
Thursday 08:30-15:00
Friday 08:30-12:30

Any increase in hours must be taken for the whole term and payment must be made in advance.