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French Singing Competition Video


Love your leftovers- the worlds’ best recipes (whole school project) this project was rewarded with a ''Quality Label'' on the 17.04.2019 

Zero Hunger Competition: 

Logo competition:


Religious celebrations around the world (Y4 project):

Teddy packs a bag and starts travelling – Y6 project started in collaboration with Garcia del Olmo School, Malaga, Spain.


Garcia del Olmo News- watch us from the minute 19. 


On the 5th of January 2018 we were awarded the Intermediate International School Award, by the British Council.

The pupils have created different logos to represent our international project. Please click here to see the logos.

Teddy packs a bag and starts travelling

This Academic Year, we have started new international projects. 3A and 3b are enjoying a British Council project called ‘’Teddy packs a bag and starts traveling’’. We are in touch with one of our French school partners and with a school in Poland.

Our School


French School


More information about the project here:

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My International Garden - the travelling seed

European Quality Label  22.10.2018
Quality Label  14.05.2018

We have started in January a new international project, with another 12 European countries: ‘’My International Garden- the travelling seed''. It is a long-term project (January to June/July) and it has four steps: 

January- getting to know each other

February- exchanging the seeds/ bulbs

March- planting the seeds/ bulbs and starting researches on the countries involved in this project

April- school display

May- any activity, at the school's choice, with the theme ‘’cultural heritage’’

June- The International Garden- end of the project. All the participants to work on a PPT with the project, with pictures since they have sent/ received the seeds and all the steps that followed. Alternatively, to make a video together.

Challenge: to create a magazine.

My International Garden- the travelling seed: 


Our Journey so far




In September 2016, we had a new French school that joined our pen pal project - Ecole Emile Doucet, Tourlaville. We exchanged letters, cake recipes and Christmas carols. We still are in touch with both schools.

On the 18th of July 2017, our school organised the first cross-school event in the area. The event, called ‘’Franco chanson et Franco- poésie’’ brought together pupils, teachers and parents from 5 primary schools in the area. The pupils performed songs, poems or short plays in French, for a whole afternoon of celebrating languages.  

 Class 5B England - France Pen Pal Power point

Class 5A England - France Pen Pal Power point

French Afternoon


In September 2015 we have started a pen pal project with Ecole Etienne Chazoule, Biars sur Cère, France, in our French after school club.