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Send Primary Federation

Extra Curricular Activities


Send CofE Primary runs a wide variety of clubs both in school break times and out of hours. Many of these are run at no cost to parents by volunteer staff. Others are run by carefully chosen local providers to give pupils access to expert coaching and sometimes incur a cost.

We encourage all children to engage in a voluntary club and are happy to encourage our older pupils to run clubs themselves.

Clubs on offer vary depending on the time of year and age of the pupils but include those below.  

School run clubs 

Football - Boys and Girls                 




Morning Cross Country  

FROG Club                       

Arts and Crafts         



Fitness Club

Please sign up for clubs at the beginning of each term via Tucasi and pay online for the club if applicable.

Externally run clubs

Please click on the links below and print off the booking form to join on to one of these clubs. We also have paper copies in the school office.


Daley Thompson Athletics



Surrey Football Coaching

Premier Sport     

Mark Millington Gymnastics