SEND Church of England Primary School


Curriculum design and review

At Send C of E Primary we understand that children experience just one childhood and we strive to work with our families and the community to provide a rich, values-based curriculum, full of creative and engaging learning opportunities. We want children to feel excited about their learning and to understand the purpose of what they are doing; therefore, all learning takes place with clear cross curricular links. This ensures the children have a good understanding of why they are developing skills and enhancing their knowledge throughout the day. All children are taught to take responsibility for their own learning through the development of our school Christian Values. A new value is introduced monthly and all collective worship is based around developing the children’s understanding of the value through links to the bible and every day scenarios that the children experience.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the children we have at Send and to ensure that Statutory Framework for Early Years is met and the National Curriculum is delivered for years 1-6. We use a topic based approach as it promotes active learning, allows children to make links between various subjects and highlights the transferable skills being developed. Annually, we review, revise and develop our curriculum to ensure effective continuity and progression from Early Years to Year 6. This is based upon the previous year’s assessment outcomes and through feedback from our Annual Curriculum Questionnaire on children’s interests and learning needs.

We believe that development of good literacy, mathematical and computing skills should not be compromised by this topic approach. English is linked, wherever possible, to topics without making tenuous links, e.g. diary writing linked to historical events. Maths, RE, PSHE some aspects of Music and PE often remain separate in order to retain the integrity of their programmes of study. There are opportunities for computing to be taught as a skill or vehicle for other learning.

Each term, the whole school share a Themed Week. The emphasis during these weeks is learning through cross-phase group working, communication and listening skills. It also provides an opportunity for outreach work and community involvement.  

Curriculum Enhancement

We aim to use the local, national and global community resources wisely to enhance our curriculum. We recognise the skills and talents of our parent body and encourage parents to provide our children with first hand experiences in their particular area of expertise.

We feel strongly about ensuring that our pupils understand and respect the multicultural nature of Woking and Britain. Visitors and trips are planned to enhance and expand learning and give first-hand experience wherever possible.

We are aware of economic constraints on parents/carers and look annually at cost effectiveness of such activities in relation to pupil progress. With this in mind, we try to use local resources or in-house workshops wherever relevant, to reduce trip costs relating to transport. We are responsive to national security advice where relevant and consider this when planning events and trips.