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Send Primary Federation


Who is who at Send Church of England Primary School?

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher: Mrs Sue Sayers

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Victoria Blair (Inclusion)

Assistant Headteachers: Mrs Hazel Ward and Mrs Rebecca Bruton


PE Teacher: Mrs Charlotte Thomson

French Teacher: Mrs Florentina Popescu

Year 6 Teachers: 

6A: Miss Emma Gibson (Year 5 & 6 Senior Leader)

6B: Miss Charlie Springthorpe

Year 5 Teachers:

5A: Miss Helen Simmons and Miss Jeni Hall (SCITT)

5B: Miss Bella Moor

Year 4 Teachers: 

4A: Mrs Deborah Drury (Year 3 & 4 Senior Leader) and Kerry Byrne (SCITT)

4B: Mr Elliot Fox

Year 3 Teachers: 

3A: Mrs Karen Hunt and Mrs Louise Duffy

3B: Ms Bhavini Patel

Year 2 Teachers:

2A: Mrs Sarah Long (Year 1 & 2 Senior Leader) and Miss Kate Wilson (SCITT)

2B: Mrs Rosie Robinson

Year 1 Teachers: 

1A: Miss Eloise Lovell

1B: Miss Isabelle Hurl

Reception Teachers: 

Hedgehogs: Mrs Rebecca Bruton (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

                     Mrs Lindsay Hopper (Thursday and Friday)

Rabbits: Miss Lavinia De Vivo

Nursery: Mrs Krisztina Molnar

 Support staff

PA to Executive Headteacher/Personnel Lead: Mrs Philippa Moppett

School Business Manager: Mrs Rachel Weedon

Assistant School Business Manager: Mrs Emma Griffiths

Admissions, Attendance and Transfer Secretary: Ms Liz Donellan

Assistant School Secretary: Mrs Jeni Downey

School caretaker:  Mr Jonjo Doyle

Senior midday supervisor

Ms Sasha Phillips

Mrs Holly Jordan

Learning Assistants

Mrs Jane Jaffe

Mrs Rowena Brooker

Mrs Angela Leake

Mrs Leanne Gibney

Mrs Lai Heron

Mrs Sarah Fowler

Mrs Rosita Purdy-Finn

Ms Sasha Phillips

Mrs Sarah Stevens

Mrs Rowan Hill

Miss Emily Howe

Mrs Laura Way

Miss Amelia White

Mrs Amy Hand

Mrs Holly Jordan 

IT Services


Home School Link Worker

Mrs Clare Harwood 


Caterer: Mrs Vanessa Archer

Cook: Jemma Anders

Assistant Caterers: Raffat Nisa

                                  Mrs Nicola Chantry