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Send Primary Federation


Safeguarding is our Priority

Send C of E Primary is committed to ensuring the safeguarding and welfare of children at both of our sites. You can download a copy of our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy here. Please ask at the school office if you would like a printed copy or a large print version. This policy is reviewed annually by the governors.

To ensure our school is safe.....

We have a code of conduct for staff and visitors which must be adhered to.

We have staff who are trained in child protection and safeguarding and safer recruitment.

We have a child protection team who deal with any concerns about children and clear procedures that are followed.

All staff have regular safeguarding training. Safeguarding issues are discussed at staff meeting, senior leader meetings and governor meetings.

Safeguarding issues are part of our curriculum for the children so that they know how to stay safe.

Our safeguarding procedures are regularly reviewed and updated and monitored by the governors. 

Please click here for the link for NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)

Please click here for the link for CEOP (Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre)

Please click here for the link for a children's health guide from Drugwatch

Supporting children who are worried about terrorism

Following recent terrorist attacks, it is likely that your children will see and hear the news and possibly have questions or concerns about what has happened. Please look at the following websites which give tips on how to approach the subject with children. 

NSPCC - Supporting Children worried about terrorism

Childline - supporting children with worries about the world